Maintenance Instructions

Below are guidelines for the care and upkeep of the Gemstone Concrete Coatings system. Contact us for more information on proper care.


Congratulations on your selection of the Gemstone system. The coating system you have chosen is the performance leader in acrylic modified decorative coating systems. The Gemstone concrete coating system will provide years of protection and performance if you follow these maintenance and cleaning guidelines.

  1. Keep the Area Clean—Dirt, gravel, sand, and debris should be regularly removed from the surface by a broom, blower, or water with pressure nozzle.
  2. Wash Periodically—Clean the surface with water and Gemclean, Gemacid soap, or a mild detergent solution. For best results, agitate the solution with a stiff bristle broom and rinse with water. Pressure wash if necessary (see cleaning instructions for further details). NOTE ON SOLVENTS: Never use xylene, xylol, lacquer thinner, MEK, acetone, or any other solvent to clean the coating.
  3. Planters and Flower Boxes—It is recommended that a planter with a self-contained drainage system be used. If planters freely drain onto the area, they should be moved every one to two months to allow the area to completely dry. However, it is preferable that planters be raised off the ground with 1" slats to allow circulation of air.
  4. Furniture—All metal patio furniture should have rubber or plastic nosing on the legs. Avoid using iron or extra heavy furniture. Never drag across a surface. When moving heavy appliances or equipment, please use cardboard or carpet over surface.
  5. Outdoor Carpet—Outdoor carpet or rubber mats should not be used over the Gemstone concrete coating system for any period of time. Never permanently glue carpet to the coating.
  6. Damage—Should any damage occur, contact Gemstone Concrete Coatings, Inc. as soon as possible. Additional damage may occur or additional expense may be involved if any damages are not promptly addressed.
  7. Suntan Oil/Lotion—Avoid getting suntan oil or lotion on Gemstone surfaces. Remove with Gemclean (see #2).
  8. Re-Seal Coating—For continued performance, clean and re-seal the surface approximately every five years with Gemstone G110 clear sealer, Gemstone paver sealers, or the appropriate Gemstone G-110C colored sealer. For specific re-sealing instructions, contact Gemstone Concrete Coatings, Inc.

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